God's Two Prophets will reveal new truths about the Apocalyptic crisis when they come from heaven and enter the world scene. John has already revealed details of the Endtime in the Book of Revelation. He and Daniel describe the Court Scene that occurs on the Lastday ... the Day of the Lord. Many think Daniel's entire 70th Week is the Day of the Lord even when it is under Antichrist's dominion. We see Antichrist ruling only 42 months before that Day ... and cast into Hell on that Day.
We emphasize BABYLON THE GREAT as being the sole ruler during the first half of Daniel's 70th Week. Babylon must fall before Antichrist takes over. Ten Kings destroy her and Antichrist breaks the Covenant with Israel at Midweek. The Two Prophets also appear at Midweek ... 3 years before the Day of the Lord. We do not see these Prophets killed at Midweek. They die at the end of the Great Tribulation. They are killed just days before the Day of the Lord.
The blessing for reading Revelation applies almost entirely to prophecies regarding the second half of Daniel's 70th Week. The crisis escalates in the conflict of God's Kingdom Power Prophets against the Beast and False Prophet. Elijah will "set things right" as translated with great insight in The New Jerusalem Bible. Matt.17:11. The Endtime involves the Two Prophets' task for 1260 days until Trump Seven is about to sound when all the Martyrs that God has set to be killed have been killed. Rev.10:7; Rev.6:11.
We believe John is one of the Two Prophets. The Eastern Orthodox legend supports this. See Chapter on The Apostle for the belief among Orthodox Greek and Russian Christians worldwide. After his exile to Patmos, John the Apostle returned to Ephesus and converted many to the faith. When he was over a hundred years old, he ordered his followers to dig a grave in the form of a cross. At his request, they covered him to the neck and placed a napkin over his face.
After weeping much, they covered him and departed. Others heard about this and went to his grave. Removing the cover, they found nothing. His having never died became an article of faith until the time of the English sect of Seekers. Under Oliver Cromwell they expected John to reappear as a forerunner of Christ's glorious coming. We present a Dialogue from the vantage point of the Two Prophets' last days. As they face the death of which He spoke, the Son of Man is indeed "about to come in glory." Matt.16:27,28.
"Elijah, over three years ago you and I came from heaven to fulfill the Mandate which Jesus gave that `some were appointed here (in the context of His being about to come in glory; Matt.16:27; Greek) who would not taste death, under any circumstances, until after He comes in Kingdom Power.' We have seen many of our brothers and fellow-servants die. Nearly all of Daniel's 70th Week is finished. God will avenge their blood ... and ours ... for we too will be killed. We are among those who must die when we have finished demonstrating God's Kingdom Power. But we will not be the last Martyrs before the Day of the Lord.
"It was nineteen centuries ago that the Mighty Angel came from heaven to inform me of our future task. He appeared as I finished writing about Six Trumpet Judgments that climax with millions of soldiers invading Israel in the sixth Plague. These armies are now being gathered from the Orient. The End is Near. 
"The Angel revealed that we will die here in Jerusalem. His face was like the sun and his feet like pillars of fire. He was clothed in a cloud, a rainbow covered his head and he held a small open scroll in his hand. 
"I wondered why he held a scroll. What would it have to do with the time to unveil `God's mystery as told to Daniel?' Daniel knew wars would come; but not about hordes from the East killing a third of mankind in one hour. The devastation over a quarter of earth brings God's wrath. Rev.9:15-21.
"Facing the Holy Land where the armies were already gathering, the Angel took me back to when you and I came on the scene over three years ago. He placed one giant foot on land and one on the sea. At no other time was I so startled. Why did he arrive at that moment in time? It dawned on me later that a third of mankind having just been killed calls for Woe #3 to `destroy earth's destroyers.' Rev.11:14,18. In the Angel's majestic presence, as those armies strode threateningly before my mind, I relaxed my hand and released the quill.
"That was good, for the vision of how God will fulfill the words of the Prophets to `gather all nations to battle' was coming into play. Joel 3:2; Zech.14:2. My hand was still quivering from recording that millions of men must invade Israel. The final Holocaust will have killed two billion people in one hour. This is what I had just envisioned in Trump Six." Rev.9:15.
"John, you have told me the Mighty Angel roared like a lion and the voices of seven thunders spoke out of the little scroll. It was open in his left hand. You were really concerned about that scroll. And you were still writing the Scroll on the Revelation of Jesus Christ."
"Yes, the seven thunders out of his little scroll spoke about things to take place before the armies gather from the far East ... and about the wrath of the Lamb. I was told by a voice from heaven not to reveal their messages; but to seal them ... like Daniel was told. Then the Angel lifted his right hand to heaven and swore in the name of the eternal Creator: `Time will be no longer; but in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, whenever he is about to trumpet, God's Mystery will be finished as declared to the prophets ... like Daniel.'
"I mention Daniel specifically because the same concern about the Endtime filled his soul. He was finally given the number of days until the End ... once the abomination had defiled the Holy Place. Two men appeared to Daniel. One swore in the Creator's name. The 1290 days would pass before the End. 
"I wondered about this when the Angel told me it would be 1260 days until time ends ... until Trump Seven is about to sound. Did Jesus mean the days of Daniel would be shortened to 1260 days ... and that the Day of the Lord was about to occur? What the Mighty Angel added has forced me to conclude that besides you and me, 'some standing here must still taste death.'
"Our task will be finished with up to 3 days left when Trump Seven is `about to sound.' Trump Six is past as armies from the East are gathering for Armageddon. Jesus said the extra 30 days will be cut short. By how many days? The Angel requires us to lie dead in Jerusalem a few days. Even those few days must be cut short by the last Martyr. For only the Father knows when the last Martyr has been killed. Rev.11:11; Rev.6:11.
"We have delivered the messages of the Seven Thunders during this Endtime period decreed to Daniel. Two men appeared to Daniel. One held both arms to heaven and swore the truth to him. Two beings spoke to me. The Mighty Angel raised one arm to heaven and swore the truth to me. The voice in heaven then joined the Angel as both at once told me I must prophesy again before many peoples and nations and kings. Rev.10:11.
"Finally, the Angel revealed to me that Two Prophets must fulfill Zechariah's prophecy of two Candle-stands and two Olive Trees. For 1260 days. We have nearly finished our task to restore the hearts and minds and faithfulness of God's people. They have seen His truth and righteousness displayed through five Seals, six Trumpet Judgments and now the Sixth Plague. Plague Six describes the same armies gathering in our land that have just killed a third of mankind. Seal Six will signal the Day of the Lord has come!
"Now we can appreciate the Angel swearing in the eternal Creator's name that the Endtime would last 42 months. That agrees with Daniel's 1290 days. The second half of his 70th Seven on a solar countdown of thirty-day months will be reduced to 42 months. Gentile control of the Temple will diminish in importance on the day we are killed by the Beast. With our deaths and  millions gathering to The Armageddon, the Beast will be too confident to think his end is near! 
"But this time the Temple will not be destroyed. Luke described the destruction of the second Temple. Matthew and Mark describe the third Temple's desecration; but not its destruction. Our 1260 day task is 42 months instead of the 43 months left on a solar calendar from the day of its desecration. What Daniel described as solar time encompasses an extra Biblical month.
"We have nourished the remnant in the desert for nearly 1260 days. It began when Michael cast Satan from heaven to begin the Endtime. Rev.12:7-14; Dan.12:1,4-11. Just as Daniel's book was sealed, so I sealed the messages of the seven thunders out of the little Scroll until the Endtime should begin.
"Everything centers on the Holy Land. Daniel reveals, at the time of the greatest tribulation since there was a nation, his people will be delivered along with `everyone who is found written in the Book.' Dan.12:1,2. He said this deliverance will include the resurrection of all the Saints. Daniel had already shown the Saints will accompany the Son of Man to earth after the Tribunal in heaven. But until the Endtime the words of his prophecy were sealed up and concealed. Now the wise understand and the wicked do not. That's why the Day of the Lord will come as a thief upon them alone. Jesus said that on that Day we and Daniel and all the Saints will be raised up.
"'Many have been purged, purified and refined and those who have won souls to righteousness during this time will shine as the stars forever.' Daniel, like Jesus, put the resurrection `after the End, on the last day.' Dan.12:1,2,9-13; John 6:39,40. The End occurs in the days of a 43rd Biblical month." (See Chapter on Daniel).
"John, doesn't this agree with the words of Jesus that deliverance will come immediately after the greatest of all tribulations, greater than any since Adam? Every Believer will rise up on the last day when He gathers the Elect from earth to heaven and sends the angels to gather them to Himself from all extremities of the heavens. Mark 13:19,24,27; Matt.24:21,29,31. It seems that Jesus simply verified what Daniel prophesied. Daniel must be raised up on the Lastday to be among the `Saints coming with Him to take the Kingdom.'" Dan.7:22-27.
"Yes, and Jesus also urged Jews to `beg to escape what is about to happen' after they see The Sign of His Presence and the Elect gathered above to meet Him. Luke 21:25,36; Mark 13:27; Rev.1:7. Luke excludes the Elect from those who should beg ... by not mentioning them. Jews will mourn and be delivered as promised to Daniel when the Son of Man appears with the Saints. Dan.7:22,27. God's Mystery is finished before Trump Seven sounds ... just before the Great Trump; the Last Trump sounds. Rev.10:7; Matt.24:31; I Cor.15:52; I Thess.4:16.
"The Mighty Angel revealed the Mystery of how and when the End will come. That is what Daniel kept asking about. The Mystery is no longer sealed because knowledge of the Endtime began with God's Kingdom coming in Power. And with Satan cast from heaven. And with Christ's Authority displayed through us on earth for 1260 days. Daniel's 3 Times are embedded in Luke's `Gentile Times.' Rev.12:10,14; Luke 21:24.
"After the voice in heaven directed me to seal the words of the little Scroll, the same voice told me to go to the Angel standing with one foot on the land and one on the sea. Their concluding command convinced me I was one of the Two Prophets. I forgot about the armies invading our land. For both voices, speaking in unison, told me I must prophesy again. Rev.10:11.
"The Angel described our present task as the Two Olive Trees foretold by Zechariah and Paul. Paul wrote that all Israel will be saved when Israel is once again grafted back into her own Olive Tree on the Day Messiah comes out of Zion. I believe you, Elijah, represent the OT branch and I, John, represent the NT branch." Rev.11:4; Zech.4:11,14; Rom.11:17,23,25.
"John, you are saying that our projected task explained why the Angel was taking you back. You say this was your first Flashback. What you had just written about the world's armies crossing the Euphrates would occur near the end of our 1260 days. A third of all humans will die just before we die. Is that not why Jesus called it the greatest tribulation of all time? Never has a third of mankind died in a single hour. Nor affected a quarter of the earth in one hour! Our task of standing before God to demonstrate His Kingdom Power in restoring all things will be finished and the Beast will kill us. Rev.6:8; Rev.9:15-18; Rev.11:7-11; Matt.17:11.
"You wrote that, when we arise, the Holocaust of Trump Six will have just `passed by.' You and I will rise up as the voice of the seventh angel is `about to sound that God's wrath has come and specifically the appointed time to judge and reward the Saints.' Rev.11:14,18. Did not Jesus promise to bring His rewards with Him on the Day He is revealed in glory?" Matt.16:27.
"Yes, Elijah. And He did that in connection with verifying Malachi's prophecy that you must come first ... before the Day of the Lord. That promise is recorded by Matthew and Mark that `some would not taste death until after they had seen what we have seen displayed according to Rev.12:10 (Matt.16:27; Matt.17:11; Mark 9:1). Jesus was referring to those who survive until He comes in Kingdom Power. 
"The only reference to the time for this Kingdom Power happening is also the only reference you make to Daniel's 3 Times. Rev.12:14. It identifies the HERE of Mark 9:1 and the NOW of Rev.12:10 for `some to not taste death, by any means, until after He has come in Kingdom Power.' We have not yet tasted death and He is `about to come in glory' as He said in that very context a week before He took Peter and you and me to the Mount of Transfiguration.
"That, Elijah, explains how Jesus settled the question of your future task. The scribes taught that you `must come first.' Jesus anticipated and also verified their teaching on this point. But He went beyond their teaching because He knew we were agitated for an entire week as to whether you had already come. Matt.11:14; Matt.17:10,11. 
"Our big question was why the Scribes should seek our Lord's death. He went beyond Malachi by saying you would `restore all things.' These two facts reinforce Peter's reference to the Prophet Joel and `the times for restoring all things' before the Day of the Lord. Acts 3:21. There are simply two stages to fulfilling Joel's prophecy quoted by Peter. Acts 2:17-21. For the Sign of the Day of the Lord, in Acts 2:19-21,  is still future; and we have manifested His Power. 
"All this was on my mind when heaven's voice told me not to write what the seven thunders had spoken out of the little Scroll. I sensed what they said must be revealed at the Time of the End. We have made it known at this Endtime as promised to Daniel. 
"But the little Scroll remained open in the Angel's hand. This was after the voice in heaven told me to seal the messages. The Angel's response has even led some to think he was Jesus who swore in His own name as the Creator. Instead, the message was a repeat of the voice to Daniel that sealed the prophecy until the Endtime.
"The Mighty Angel's remarks are fundamental to understanding the Time of the End. This Angel had previously spoken in heaven when searching for one worthy to open the large Scroll held by the One sitting on the Throne. He spoke for God and would speak again. Rev.5:2; Rev.10:1; Rev.18:21. On this occasion, the voice in heaven joined his that I must prophesy again. And the 'Authority of Christ' would be given us for our present task. Rev.11:3,6; Rev.12:10. It is likely that the voice in heaven belonged to Jesus speaking with that authority.
"Christ's authority is now being displayed while Satan exercises his jurisdiction over the earth. The Lamb, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the Son of Man and Son of God, the Christ, the Alpha and Omega speaks in His own name. The Mighty angel swore in the name of his Creator. No reason exists for Jesus to pose as an Angel, raise His hand to heaven and swear to these things in His own name. 
"His worthiness stems from the nail-prints in His hands and the scar in His side. Before He shepherds the nations, all Believers must honor Him as Lord. Some in the Church have been cast into great tribulation to be killed ... because they were not overcomers. Rev.2:22-27.  
"The Angel who swore that `Chronos-Time will End in the days Trump Seven is about to sound' was speaking about Christ's authority as the Creator. He revealed the Day of the Lord comes in the days we lie dead on a street in Jerusalem. To prepare me, I was given seven messages that could not be revealed until we came to fulfill His Kingdom Power Mandate. Matt.16:27,28. 
"His coming in glory and our Kingdom Power task fulfill the `times to restore all things.' The Angel swore in the Creator's name that God's Mystery, as told to Daniel, should be fulfilled prior to Trump Seven ... at our deaths ... with no more than 3 days left after our task ends." Rev.10:7; Rev.11:7,11,15. That means Trump Seven must sound on the Lastday."
"John, you say the Mighty Angel, the seven thunders and the voice from heaven took turns speaking. First, the Angel roared like a lion. He swore in the Creator's name of the end of Chronos-Time. Then the voice in heaven told you to seal the words of the seven thunders; then to go to the Angel that held the little scroll out of which the seven thunders had spoken. The Angel said to eat the scroll and that doing so would be bitter to your stomach, but sweet to your taste. It was sweet to your taste and then it left a bitter aftertaste in your stomach. Why did this strange thing occur after commanding you to seal the scroll?"
"The reason was not clear then. The thunderous words from the Scroll which heaven's voice told me to seal up, and the Angel told me to consume, occupied my thoughts for 1900 years until I experienced the taste. I am still waiting for the aftertaste. This experience prepared me to be the Prophet representing the Church. That was the sweet part. For I belong to the Church which is part of the one Olive Tree. The Angel and voice from heaven spoke in unison of my task to prophesy again before many people and nations and kings. Rev.10:11.
"Those of many tongues and nations have benefited. Christians at last are united as one to spread and defend the Authority and Truth of Christ. The last Martyrs of that Truth will be killed while we lie dead in the street of this holy city for up to three days. No one can know the exact day or hour of the last Martyr. 
"Truth prevails. Heaven's messenger, perhaps Jesus Himself, and the Angel timed their revelation to take full effect long after the audio effects of the seven thunders. The visceral effects refer to our inability to challenge our enemies until the last Martyr dies. 'Some must taste death' up to the very Hour the Son of Man reaps the wicked to the 'winepress of God's great anger'! Rev.14:14-19.
"I feel like a Son of Thunder but time will be no longer and God's Mystery will be finished when our task is finished. That too is the sweet part. The bitterness is not being able to help those who must die during the last three days ... while we wait to join in singing our petition that it is `time for the nations to worship God. Because six of His Last Plagues of anger will have manifested that He is holy and just.' Rev.15:4.
"The significance of my experience can easily be overlooked because the next words of the Mighty Angel constitute the heart of the Flashback. They concern the Endtime Temple and Two Prophets who stand before the God of earth. What we are doing was presented as a Flashback from the threatened day of extinction for our people. The unholy, indiscriminate slaughter of God's chosen people is the substance of my bitterness."
"You surely mean we are the Two Olive Trees appointed by the Creator to prepare Israel and Christians for Christ's coming when the prophecies of Daniel and Zechariah and Paul seem impossible of fulfillment. Though we are dressed in sackcloth, doing God's will is the sweet part of our task. The Beast is about to be cast alive into the burning flames of Hell fire. Both you and Daniel spoke of that very thing in the context of the Son of Man reaping the wicked to the Winepress of great anger and then coming to tread that Winepress in anger and wrath." Dan.7:11,22,25-27; Rev.14:10,14-20; Rev.19:15-20.
"Indeed Elijah! The abominable desecration of the Endtime Temple was revealed by the Angel telling me the outer court would be controlled by the Gentiles who desecrate the holy Temple 42 months. The solar-day count for the Endtime desecration of 42 months and our 1260 day countdown were revealed back to back. Rev.11:1-3. 
"Our days complete 42 Biblical months; but not 42 solar months. We are here to fulfill Christ's Mission Mandate; with authority for all but a few days of what would be a 43rd Biblical month. Daniel recorded the time-period twice. It was verified to me. Dan.7:25; Dan.12:7; Rev.12:14. But our numbered days fall short of the total given to Daniel.  SEVENTY.
"There was no doubt that I would be one of the Two Witnesses to make known the messages of the Seven Thunders. It was too much of a personal commission to ignore its Endtime application. But Heaven's voice told me to seal up the messages. 
"The Angel lifted his hand to heaven and swore in the name of the Creator, the Eternal One, using the same words spoken to Daniel about the End. The tie-in is clear because the 1260 days correspond to Daniel's 1290-day Endtime period of bitter tribulation. The Times given to Daniel climax with the fullness of Gentile (Kairoi) Times. Luke 21:24. 
"Chronos-Time ends in the days whenever Trump Seven is `about to sound that Kairos-Time has come.' At Trump Seven, the appointed Time comes for God's wrath. And for rewards to the prophets and Saints. Rev.10:6,7 uses Chronos for the entire Age to work God's Mystery. Rev.11:18 uses Kairos for Trump Seven's wrath-time at the End of the Age.
"The days of our deaths are included in the final 30 days that will be cut short. The last Martyr determines when God fulfills His promise to them. Rev.6:9-11. I am deeply moved about the suffering among the Saints who must be killed after we are killed. Great armies will threaten the life of our people restored a second time to their land. Part of that restoration precedes the Lastday. The Elect will be `gathered from earth to heaven on that Day.' God's Mystery ends within three days of the Day of the Lord. This made the legend about my survival to the end a most fascinating subject ... until the time of Oliver Cromwell and the Seekers.

        Endtime Prophecy must be Completed Prior to Trump Seven.

"Trump Seven sounds in heaven just before the Saints rejoice in Rev.19:1-10. We will rise up from lying dead in a street of Jerusalem in the same hour as its great quake. Rev.11:12-15. The same quake should set off Seal Six's Lastday warnings of impending wrath ... in the days after great tribulation as Jesus predicted. The last Martyr will die and we will arise on the Day Trump Seven sounds. God restrains His wrath on the Day of The Sign until the Hour Christ appears! We are one of two contingents of the first resurrection to rise up in their own order on that Day. I Cor.15:23.
"The truth of the first resurrection is the most significant revelation given to me personally. We will be among the last Martyrs whom God promises to avenge; but the first to arise. We will be the first to arise among the dead in order to witness at the Tribunal of Seal Seven. The 144,000 Firstfruit of the living arise and we will join them and the Martyrs with petitions in songs to God. 
"The Day of the Lord comes in the days after great tribulation. Chronos-Time ends within three days of the Day of the Lord. At the sound of Trump Seven, with Kairos-Time having come, every Saint will be raised up, gathered above and rewarded in the Presence of Jesus Christ. This is the hour of glory for which Jesus prayed the night before He died.
"Though I had just finished writing about Trump Six's Holocaust, the Mighty Angel revealed our role as the Two Prophets before I knew the Holocaust Hour will have `passed by' while we lie dead in Jerusalem. The Angel revealed our task constitutes a Flashback from the point of a third of mankind having just been slaughtered. It is obvious these armies will destroy Israel unless God intervenes. When we arise from death, the third Woe, identified in Trump Seven as destroying the wicked, quickly follows the two billion casualties in Trump Six. That is when we arise and are caught up to witness and to verify what is `about to happen.'"
"John, Luke's Gospel uses this phrase three times of what is about to happen on the Day Christ appears. All Believers will be raised up or caught up and gathered together above. Luke does not mention this. He is concerned with those left behind but whose `redemption' has come. Believers will rise up on the last day ... immediately after the great tribulation. Those about to be redeemed will mourn and beg to escape these things. The Prophets since Isaiah stated that Day will begin with Signs in the sun, moon and stars. Luke is concerned with the `tribes who mourn.' Matthew mentions these tribes, but Luke adds hope for those whose kingdom is near. 
"You saw these Signs in your vision when you were caught up to heaven `in the spirit.' You were present in the spirit when you wrote about talking to the elder on the Lastday. All the Martyrs will be present. They appear in the Temple shortly after these Signs. That hasn't happened yet. 
"John, you know the elder will ask about the origin and identity of those coming out of great tribulation. With that happening on the Lastday, you will literally speak to him `in the body' after we rise up to heaven. Some think the Saints will rise up bodily before all this happens just like you were caught up in the spirit before you wrote Revelation!"
"Elijah, speaking to the elder was my most astonishing experience because what happened in my vision must happen in reality. You judge correctly about being `in the body' after our  physical translation to heaven to join the Martyrs in the Temple and praising God and the Lamb. But we will join the Martyrs `in the spirit' before we rise up. We will sing the song of Moses in the spirit and the 144,000 will sing the song of the Lamb in their glorified bodies. For they are 'redeemed from among men, being the Firstfruit unto God and the Lamb.' Rev.14:4.
"In the same hour as the great quake of Rev.6:12 and Rev.11:13, we will rise up bodily to join them in the Temple. Then the Court Scene takes place according to Daniel and the open Scroll of Seal Seven. Dan.7:9-27; Rev.7:9-17. All this happens before the `rest of the dead' (and the survivors) rise up to meet the Lord at the Synagogue in the Sky. I Thess.4:17; 2 Thess.2:1.
"The earth will be shrouded in darkness during heaven's Temple Drama. This Drama is embedded in 100 verses that describe Lastday events. Among those events is that of the elder who wonders out loud about the origin and identity of the great multitudes. That's when I will remind him: `Sir, you know the answer.' The Martyrs will receive the reward promised to the Church in Rev.3:12; Rev.7:15-17. These Overcomers will serve God 1000 years in heaven's Temple. They return to heaven after the Lamb's Wedding and Wedding Supper. These and all the Saints in heaven prepare for the Wedding moments before Christ descends. Rev.19:7-10.
"Elijah, all this sent shock waves through my entire being. In this first of four Flashbacks, Rev.10 and 11, I learned things I was forbidden to write. Now I am ready to experience what happens when we are caught up as the Two Witnesses of these things. I have revealed the Seven Thunders since we came to earth. We have had Christ's Authority to perform any plague we wished. Rev.12:10; Rev.11:6. 
"While I was one of the Lord's Apostles, I revealed Jesus as the Lamb of God and warned of God's wrath abiding on all who do not believe He is the Son of God. The message of John 3:36 is a warning by Jesus using the word "wrath." Recognition that the Day of the Lamb's wrath has come awaits The Sign of that Day. Rev.6:15-17. The wicked are punished on the Day He redeems 144,000 Jews from earth as Firstfruits to God and to Himself. Rev.14:4.
"I wrote about the Lamb's wrath and have warned the wicked about the Day of His wrath. Seven castes of people will declare that Day has come. Rev.6:15. With that I feel the force of being a `Son of Thunder.' While with Him on earth, Jesus paid me that dubious tribute.
"Seal Six is that Day's Sign. Seals Six and Seven anticipate Trump Seven because Seal Six signifies the `Day of Wrath has come' and Trump Seven states `God's wrath has come.' Both occur on the same Day. Seal Seven anticipates Trump Seven as Armageddons will be gathered against our people in Trump Six and Plague Six. Anticipating this, the Angel synchronized our call-up to heaven with the Holocaust of Trump Six having just `passed by.' Rev.11:14.
"That's when Trump Seven is about to sound. This Trumpet on the Lastday is the vantage point from which to look back upon `all these things about to happen.' At the Last Trump, which sounds again, the tribes of earth `mourn and beg' as Jesus appears in the clouds. Matt.24:30; Luke 21:36; Rev.1:7. Our finished task on the 1260th day anticipates the End `in the days immediately thereafter.' Matt.24:29.
"The End of the Temple Drama in heaven pivots on the triple use of a Key Phrase to climax each of its three stages. The Key Phrase, a storm theophany, occurs after Seal Seven to anticipate Trump Seven. It occurs in the same hour after Trump Seven sounds to execute God's Decree: `It is done; His wrath has come.' It occurs  immediately with Great Babylon's destruction. Prophets and Saints rejoice in heaven. Rev.18:20; Rev.19:1-3. Then heaven opens. The `Hour of Testing' follows. Christ appears to execute His wrath on the wicked.
"The Son of Man will open Seal Six and then wait on a white cloud for the command to fill the Winepress of God Almighty's `great anger' before the Temple Drama begins. The Drama climaxes as God fills the Cup of Wrath with anger and pours out its anger-filled-wrath. Christ treads the Winepress in anger and wrath. Rev.14:14-19; Rev.16:17-19; Rev.19:13-15. The birds ravage and consume the flesh of millions. It's called the great supper of God. Rev.14:20; Rev.19:17,18; Matt.24:28; Luke 17:37. What a contrast to the Lamb's supper that follows!"
"John, you must have trembled at the prospect of millions of soldiers sitting on horses with heads like those of lions and tails like serpents and mouths spewing fire and smoke and sulfur. The horses strike with firepower from their mouths and the stings of their tails. Such massive slaughters have never been possible until this modern age. The End is Near and the last days are numbered."
"Yes, I trembled. I remember the effect was emotional as well as physical. I also remembered the Mandate of Jesus. I sensed quickly I would reveal the Seven Thunders as one of the Two Prophets. It has happened just as the Lord said. You and I and others were appointed to not taste death, no matter what, until after He comes in Kingdom Power. Peter referred to these `times of restoration' as God's Kingdom comes in two stages ... NOW and at His coming in glory. `Jesus must remain in heaven' until both times occur." Acts 3:21.
"John, the Angel took you back to Daniel's Midweek, as it were, to prepare you for our Endtime task. You were inwardly shaken when you finished writing about the second Woe. Soldiers in uncountable millions had killed a third of mankind. Not only the vision itself, but the sudden presence of the Mighty Angel was startling. You are saying, in this context of the last great Holocaust, we are to expect Trump Seven and the End to come `quickly.'" Rev.11:14.
"Yes, but it was some time before I saw Trump Six and Plague Six in the same context with Trump Seven. That came from realizing we will enter heaven's open Temple only after the last Plague empties, the armies have entered our land and the last Martyr enters heaven. Rev.15:8. Only God knows when the last Martyr dies. For that reason, `no one but He knows the day or the hour' when Christ will come in glory.
"Tell me now, Elijah, how did it feel to return to earth with me after being absent more than two and a half millennia? You ascended in a fiery whirlwind and now you have stood with me against greater powers than Ahab and Jezebel. Satan has given the Beast and False Prophet powers never before seen. We have set things right by using the threat of any plague we wished. Soon the Beast will kill us. We will return to heaven in spirit for less than three days waiting for the last Martyr! We will rise up physically with immortal bodies and the Lamb will rescue the 144,000 Firstfruit from Mt. Zion in the same hour."
"Well, John, the cause is much greater than with Jezebel threatening my life. The Lord establishes His word in the mouths of two witnesses. We are the enemies' primary antagonists and we must witness against them in Court. Modern technology cannot compare with heaven's tools of evidence. The evidence, as you wrote, will be seen by all of us in the open Scroll when the Lamb breaks Seal Seven. The Court Scene of Daniel 7 is the same one found in Seal 7." 
"And the evidence will be displayed soon after we return to heaven. It will be openly displayed when the Lamb breaks the last seal. Elijah, God's last word to Israel placed your coming prior to the great and awful Day of the Lord to show His word is just as true and holy today as it was for Israel long ago. There will be no escape for the wicked.
"We are subjects of contemptuous epithets shared by the world. Men will celebrate by sending gifts to each other while our dead bodies serve as objects of malicious sport. The strength of the Martyrs will flow from knowing the unknown Lastday must occur in less than three days after we die! That is the message God has impressed me with. It will encourage the last Martyrs ... and 144,000 Jews whose chosen status will confound the modern scribes."
"John, our days of invincibility are subject to an exact countdown for the days of great tribulation until we die and Christ is about to appear. Daniel's 1290 days (43 Biblical months) will be cut short for the Elect's sake. Forty-two Biblical months are allotted for our task to be finished. Nearly all of the 43rd Biblical month will be cut short.
"Correct. Nearly thirty days will be cut short in the days after great tribulation. The number of solar days in Daniel's 70th Seven exceeds 1260, twice over. There are about 2555 days in 84 solar months. Twice 1260 leaves five days over an extra Biblical month's days to fulfill seven solar years. The extra month is cut short after 2520 days are fulfilled (7x365=2555 less 1260=1295 or 43 Biblical months for the second half of Week #70.
"We knew from my Gospel that all Believers will arise on the Lastday. Matthew and Mark show it occurs after the tribulation ends. I had never applied our resurrection and translation to heaven on the last day until I realized we arise and Trump Seven sounds on the same day. This is difficult to acknowledge because few expositors see it that way. It must be so or not all Believers will be raised up on the last day as Jesus said. That includes Daniel's resurrection at the End of Time ... and the Firstfruit of the living." Dan.12:2,9-13.
"That makes sense, John. Why would Jesus not fulfill His word to raise up every Believer on the Day He appears? It is so obvious all survivors must be raised up including all of the last Martyrs. God will keep His word to avenge their blood on earth-dwellers. That promise appears in Seal Five. Seal Six shows its imminent fulfillment ... and warns of impending wrath.
"But how does the Martyrs' petition in song (Rev.15:1-4) relate to their prayer in Seal Five? Their prayer weighs heavily on the matter of revenge. Their song recognizes the time has come for the nations to worship God. Through the Last Plagues, His deeds were manifested as being holy and true. This will accrue when all the Martyrs appear in heaven on the Lastday."
"We will join them in song while our bodies lie dead on a street in Jerusalem. Since we rise up to join them in the same hour as the great quake, our song and God's response is swift. God sends three angels to aid the Son of Man in reaping the wicked before He returns to heaven with 144,000 redeemed from earth. For they are qualified to sing the Song of the Lamb when He returns with them to heaven just before the Temple Drama.
"Elijah, a lot happens quickly once God responds to the Martyrs and to the Firstfruit having been redeemed from earth. The Lamb rescues 144,000 of our people to present the Lamb to God in Song after we sing our petition before God. The Lamb takes them from Mt. Zion after an Angel seals them while the four fierce winds of Seal Six are held back. He does this prior to the four winds creating mighty waves globally as the seas swell and huge surfs uproot trees.
"These Firstfruit are sealed, glorified and accompany the Lamb to the white cloud and then to heaven. Since God alone knows when the last martyr will be killed, the Son of Man must wait for the angels sent from the Temple in heaven to aid in reaping the wicked to the Winepress of God's `great anger.' They will reap the wicked `first' to fulfill Matt.13:30 and Rev.14:14-19. He takes the Firstfruit `on the clouds to the Ancient of Days.' Dan.7:13. We will rise up bodily to join them as the Temple Drama begins. Our witness during the Trial of Daniel 7 and Seal 7  will verify the evidence to convict the wicked.
"The evidence in Seal 7 is written on the inner side of the open Scroll. Rev.8:6 to Rev.9:21. Understanding the order of events on the Lastday, presented as a Flashback, is an important key in Revelation. The accusing evidence in the open Scroll has to occur before Seal 7 opens. The Six Trumpets do not follow Seal 7; they describe the evidence found in Seal 7. 
"It all ties in with our Lord's Messianic Mission. Revelation identifies the NOW of that Mission beginning 3 years before Christ comes in glory. Redeeming the 144,000 is part of that Mission. We have fed them nearly 1260 days. They will never die. As the Firstfruit of the living they must be taken to heaven before those who are `alive and remain' when Christ appears. You and I also must rise up from death before the rest of the dead in Christ rise up.
"Our witness will vindicate the martyrs' indictment against those incarcerated in God's winepress of great anger. We rise up in the hour of the great quake that strikes Jerusalem and sets off the warnings of Seal Six. Our testimony is required so the wicked, having just been gathered and reaped and collected to the Winepress in great anger, may be judged and the blood of the martyrs avenged."
"John, are you saying the Firstfruit are taken to heaven right after the wicked are reaped to the Winepress of great anger? A week after Jesus gave you the Mandate for us to survive until after He comes in Kingdom Power, you saw Moses and me talking with Him on the Mount. You say that's when you began to realize we would come in Kingdom Power to help prepare for this greatest event in history. These celibates are being kept safe because we stand before God on their behalf. They will meet the Lamb on Mt. Zion to be rescued. Will the new song they alone learn be used to present the Lamb as worthy to be crowned King of kings and Lord of lords? Daniel said 'they will present the Son of Man to the Ancient of Days.'
"You and we saw Jesus glorified on the Mount because His triumph would come through death. The Firstfruit give evidence of that triumph and show God remembers His covenant with Israel. Luke mentioned Moses and I discussing His approaching death. What's the real significance?
"These sheaves of the Endtime Harvest are celibates and stand blameless before God. Their song is special tribute to honor the holy Name of God's eternal Lamb. Their song exalts the Lamb who will have just redeemed them from earth; from among men. Even as the Lamb is worthy to open the Seals, is He not also alone worthy to reward every Saint and to complete the restoration of all things?"
"Elijah, long after I closed my Gospel with the rumor I might not die until the Lord comes in glory, my foremost hope was to survive until He comes. But now we will survive until He is `about to came in glory.' That's what He tried to tell us before He died. We will be dead less than three days while waiting for the last Martyr and Christ's return in glory. Daniel confirms the resurrection on that Day. You and I will rise up first to help convict the wicked after our 1260-day task fulfills Christ's Kingdom Power Mandate. Mark 9:1; Rev.12:6,10,14.
"This Mandate fulfills the Lord's prediction about your coming to `restore all things' as He told three of us after seeing Him glorified on the Mount of Transfiguration. We will die for the faith because Christ's death was the pattern for all Believers' loyalty and the glory to follow. You and I will survive until He is about to come in glory. Matthew 16:28 and Mark 9:1 explicitly tie the Mandate of our willingness to die before He comes in glory with His being `about to come to reward us.' The context for the Mandate was not the first century; but the last! That's why He went beyond saying the Baptist fulfilled your role to restore the hearts of the fathers to their children. You have succeeded while John the Baptist died after wondering if Jesus was the Messiah.
"After the experience on Patmos, my thoughts centered on our future task when He is about to come in glory. Jesus told Peter that I might not die until He comes. He told James and me we would be baptized with His baptism. I was once boiled in oil; but I still wait for the baptism. Every Believer must take up his cross with Him at the end of the age in order to be worthy of Him. His Manifesto with that Day being near requires our survival until He is about to come in glory. Matt.16:27; Greek. We will die first; but we will not be the last.
"Those who will not taste death until after He comes in Kingdom Power applies to some who survive during the great tribulation. All those who taught that Believers would not suffer this Tribulation have been dishonored by the error they helped create that `Christ is coming before the Antichrist.' It produced the lie that `Christ is not coming ... by those who say that all things remain as they were since our fathers died.' 2 Pet.3:4.
"That Believers must die for Christ until He is `about to come in glory' applies to Endtime martyrs. That is the time-frame for total loyalty. Some still accuse our Lord of being mistaken about this time-frame because He arguably did not come in Kingdom Power before all the Apostles died ... except for me. But He also knew many would suffer death immediately prior to His coming. 
"He knew all Believers would be victorious when He comes in Kingdom Power. `They love not their life unto death and not one will worship the Beast.' Rev.12:11; Rev.13:8; Rev.17:8. We must not divorce the Mandate from His promise ... to be victorious until He `comes in glory and brings His rewards with Him.` Matt.16:27,28; Mark 8:38; Mark 9:1; Rev.22:12.
"Elijah, we heard what seemed an incomprehensible statement from the lips of Jesus a week before you and Moses talked with Him on the Mount. He told us the scribes would seek His death. This seemed anticlimactic since they also taught that Elijah must come first. We were troubled during the entire week as to what the scribes meant since John the Baptist's ministry fell short of restoring the hearts of the fathers toward their children ... and of children toward their fathers. In fact, they rejected John's message as well as that of Jesus!
"That gave Jesus the opportunity to explain what He meant about the Scribes.  To our astonishment, a week after He told us the Scribes sought His death, He verified they were correct in saying Elijah must come first. He added that you would `first restore all things.' Matt.17:11. After saying that John had fulfilled your role, He reminded us not to reveal what we had heard on the Mount.
"Then He explained why John fulfilled your role. In so doing, His reference point was their rejection of Him just as they had rejected John's message. It shows the full impact of the Transfiguration, though centered on His death, could not be accomplished until He actually comes in glory. And that you must come first. In fact, some would not taste death until that is about to happen ... a tribute to His knowledge of and purpose for coming in Kingdom power.
"Having spoken of some not tasting death until He is about to come, a dual response formed in our minds about the most profound truth to pass His lips. He would die; but many will survive until He is about to come in Person! Only 'some will taste death after He comes in kingdom power.' He connected your coming to restore all things with our commitment to Him until He is about to come in glory. Modern scribes fail to see the connection. Glory with Him is connected with bearing our Cross until He comes in Person! He will not be ashamed at His coming of those who do so. Mark 8:38; I Thess.3;13. 
"Jesus stated: `Elijah, indeed, is coming and will restore all things. Matt.17:11; future tense. The scribes were not mistaken. Nor was Jesus indecisive. We have survived and He is about to come in glory to reward us. He will keep His promise that we and all who believe in Him will see Him coming in the clouds of heaven in great glory! Daniel will see Him coming! He will be raised up by Jesus and the angels will then gather all the Elect out of the four winds. That's the hidden truth of the text ... the secret kept from Daniel's people. To deny this truth is `A Lie.'"

            The Secret Mandate Concerns Restoring All Things

"John, since we came to earth, the problem of who is a Jew no longer exists for those whom God has chosen. It is not a question of Law; but of Christ's fulfilling the Law and the prophets. Matt.5:17. The Day of the Lord is the Day of God's wrath and the Lamb's wrath. Rev.6:16,17. 
"That day is one of Destruction and Restoration. Both occur on the Day Christ appears. Col.3:4; Luke 21:28,31; Luke 17:24-30; Rom.8:17-23; 2 Thess.1:5-10. Restoration of the Jews comes with their `redemption and kingdom.' For too long it was assumed `the Elect gathered from earth to heaven' are Jews only. The 144,000 are taken to heaven alive; not `re-gathered by angels' to their land as some scribes claim; but His redeemed Firstfruit of the living Harvest of surviving Saints on the Day of the Lord."
"John, what about the seven classes of humans you list as hiding in the mountains? They will recognize the Day of the Lord as a day of wrath on which none of the wicked will escape. If all things are being restored with respect to understanding who is a Jew and with Believers uniting as one, why will they be hiding in the mountains? Is it because of the armies you saw invading Israel after the Holocaust that kills a third of mankind? How can we share in the process of restoration, that Christ completes by His epiphany in glory, with such devastation occurring before Christ returns?"
"We have demonstrated God's Kingdom Power and Christ's Authority. The wicked do not understand what God is doing until God's wrath actually occurs. Daniel said the `wise will understand.' The Elect have known since we came to earth to demonstrate God's Kingdom Power that the End is Near. Matt.24:33. Many will mourn and will call on the Lord when they see Him appear with all the Saints. Daniel wrote about that Day. Dan.7:22-27. Israel will know their `redemption and kingdom are Near' on the Day He appears.
"The prophets always wrote of the Day of the Lord as being `Near.' It is Near even until The Sign given by them and by Jesus and by me in Seal Six. It is Near when the seven classes hide in the mountains from invading armies. They do not cry for falling rocks to hide them because of the invading armies. It's because God's wrath comes with The Sign. They have understood  for 2700 years that this Sign beings the Day of the Lord.
"Before writing about the Lamb opening Seal Five, with the martyrs' prayer for revenge, I realized the unity among Believers accounts for martyrs enduring to the end. Revelation singles them out collectively as `loving not their life unto death.' This Restoration applies to all the Saints facing death. One of the 24 elders will ask rhetorically about their identity and origin. I will literally respond after we praise God and the Lamb in Act One of the Temple Drama. God rewards the martyrs by permitting them to serve Him in the Temple day and night for 1000 years. Rev.3:12; Rev.7:15; Rev.20:4.
"I will answer the elder even as he speaks. The suddenness of the elder's question arises from no one being able to enter the Temple until the Last Plague empties! And from our sudden presence with 144,000 Jews standing before God and the Lamb in glorified bodies. Rev.15:8; Rev.14:1-5. With Enoch also present in the body, there will be 144,003 glorified bodies praising God and the Lamb. Act One of the Temple Drama begins with this praise. Rev.7:9-12.
"On the Lastday, the two of us will sing before God with the Multitudes `in the spirit' and 144,000 in the flesh. Then you and I will arise bodily to join them in the Temple. I will speak to the elder `in the flesh'. The smoke clears the Temple for us to enter while the last Plague suspends in midair. Rev.15:8; Rev.16:17. That's when the Lamb opens Seal Six and goes to rescue the 144,000 `redeemed from earth.' They are the Harvest Firstfruit and will follow Him every where He goes. Rev.7:1-8; Rev.14:1-5.
"It was like virtual reality when I recorded these things. Jesus placed The Sign of the Lastday (Seal 6) prior to my vision of all the Saints praising God and the Lamb in the Temple. And prior to the angels holding back the four winds while another angel seals the 144,000. You and I will rise up to join these after feeding them for 1260 days. That's when `Time is no longer ... and Trump Seven is about to sound.' Rev.10:6,7. The Martyrs and the 144,000 will praise God together. The First Resurrection, after Christ has come to destroy His enemies, foresees these Martyrs in glorified bodies reigning with Him for 1000 years. Rev.20:4,5. They inherit the Kingdom and serve God day and night in the Temple after being resurrected and glorified.

The Temple Drama begins with all the Saints Praising God and the Lamb.

"When I remind the elder that he knows the answer to his own question, he will continue without hesitation. Rev.7:13-15. What he says of the Martyrs is the best that can be found in Scripture about rewards. Their blessing equals that of our eternal state in the New Jerusalem. Rev.21:4; Rev.7:16,17. Before the Temple opens, we join them in spirit to celebrate in song our victories over the Beast and his name and mark. Then God shows His power by plucking our bodies from a street in Jerusalem. The is one of The Signs in what is `about to happen.'  
"I wrote: `After these things, (including The Sign of the Day of the Lord), I saw and Beheld' what was about to happen. Rev.7:9. This verse immediately follows Rev.15:5 where I wrote the same thing. This phrase shows a dramatic change of scenery. The drama of the open Temple is the final sign that Jesus is about to appear in glory. What I beheld begins with all the Saints sharing in the equal praise given by them to God and the Lamb at once.  It climaxes with all Believers rising up on the Lastday. You and I and the 144,000 Firstfruit should rise up in the same hour as the great quake that launches 'kills 7000 men of names in Jerusalem'!
"This passage of fourteen consecutive verses (Rev.7:9 to Rev.8:5) describes Acts One and Two of the Temple Drama. They are part of 100 verses on Lastday events. The Drama follows The Sign of the Day of the Lord and the sealing of the Firstfruit. Rev.6:12 to Rev.7:8. But not instantly! What I saw `after these things' includes the Lamb rescuing 144,000 Firstfruit on Mt. Zion and the Son of Man reaping the wicked to the Winepress of great anger in Rev.14:1 to Rev.15:5. Then comes Rev.7:9 to Rev.8:5. 
"The events of Rev.14:1 to Rev.15:5 occur between Rev.7:8 and Rev.7:9. I place these events in what I call the Outer Path. (See Meditations#1-36). Events of the Three-Act-Temple-Drama occur in the Middle Path beginning with: `Behold a great multitude was praising God and the Lamb out of every nation and tribe and people and language.' The Key Phrase of the pivotal verse, Rev.15:5, transitions from the Great and Wonderful Sign of Rev.15:1-4 to begin the Temple Drama in Rev.7:9. 
"Except for the time I first entered heaven `in the spirit' to write about things to come, this is the only time I repeated: `After these things, I saw and behold.' Elijah, the reason is clear now. The praise to God and the Lamb occurs when you and I, the first to be raised up and glorified with new bodies, join the Saints, including 144,000 living Firstfruit, to worship God and the Lamb! 
"When we enter heaven to sing with the Martyrs, I will enter heaven in the spirit for the second time. The first time was when I began writing; the second time will occur on one of the three days we lie dead in a street of Jerusalem. I joined you and Enoch physically in heaven until the Endtime began and we came to earth to 'stand before God' against the Beast. We will both rise up physically again as soon as we join the Martyrs in singing the Song of Moses. Rev.15:5 is the transitional verse from the Outer to the Middle Path of Lastday events.  
"When I repeated `after these things, I saw and behold' (in both Rev.15:5 and Rev.7:9), it was the moment prior to entering the Temple in chapter seven and, without retrospect, seems to be the time when it opened for the seven angels to receive their bowls and empty their Plagues in chapter sixteen. Text-wise, their exit from the Temple was after the Martyrs finish their song and petition to God. But, Time-wise, the Temple opens for the exiting angels prior to its being open for the Temple Drama! This conclusion was forced upon me by Rev.15:8 having to be fulfilled before anyone could enter the Temple in chapter seven!
"This is a dramatic revelation. The Temple opens to empty the last Plagues long before the Martyrs make their Petition. Their song of victory is based on overcoming the Beast during the Plagues. Just moments pass between the Petition and the Temple Drama. I only needed to understood, from the Great and Wonderful Sign of Rev.15:1, that the seven angels with the last Plagues had already exited the Temple, emptied their Plagues, finished manifesting God's righteous deeds and had exhausted the patience of His anger. Rev.15:1,4!
"The seven angels exit the Temple to receive their bowls and empty their Plagues before the Martyrs sing the song of Moses. I wrote: `After these things, I saw.' Rev.15:5. What I saw as the Temple opens for the angels to exit cannot be compared to what I saw and beheld when we and all the Saints, including 144,000 Firstfruit, enter the Temple to praise God and the Lamb.
"That's what I mean by the Drama beginning after the Temple clears of the smoke of God's glory and power. The angels empty the Plagues of God's anger before we may enter with all the Saints. So the wicked might be indicted and sentence passed upon them. And so we may behold Christ crowned with many crowns and view the Ark of the Covenant. Rev.11:15-19. It has not been revealed as to who will carry the Ark to earth for the Millennial Temple.
"The Temple is open `when the Ark is seen.' The 144,000 in glorified bodies will have just finished singing a new song which only they have learned. These Firstfruit of the living Harvest will never taste death! I think the elder will be amazed because of their physical presence. Enoch will be there too. But you and I will be the first to physically arise from death in glorified bodies.
"Our return to heaven will occur in the same hour as the warnings of Seal 6 and before the implosion of Plague 7. At God's Decree, Seal 6 implodes the last Plague while it suspends in midair. That's why the Decree occurs in the same verse as Plague 7. Rev.16:17. The world's armies will be gathered to make war against the Lamb. Rev.16:16; Rev.17:14. The 144,000 will be sealed moments before they rise up. Four hurricane force winds will prevent further martyrs. We will praise the sovereign names of God and the Lamb for our salvation at the open door of heaven's Sublime Porte.
"Think of being caught up on the last day for the Temple Drama and Testimony at Seal Seven's Tribunal. What a climax to having demonstrated God's Kingdom Power on behalf of His people and His imminent glory. Our witness in heaven will vindicate the charges found in the Scroll being spread open as soon as the Lamb breaks Seal Seven. Six Trumpet judgments will have taken place ... including the Holocaust that has just killed a third of mankind.
"I described the six Trumpet judgments after describing Seal 7's Court scene. I saw the seven Angels receiving their trumpets before the Court takes action! The account does not state that the first six angels sound their trumpets after Seal 7 opens. They may be seen preparing to trumpet because of what the "playback" of what happened on earth before Seal 7's Court convenes. This same Court scene occurs in Daniel 7. The Son of Man has already come on the clouds of heaven to the Ancient of Days to receive the Kingdom. He will first reap the wicked into the Winepress after waiting on the white cloud for three angels sent by God to help.
"That is remarkable since the six judgments I proceed to describe will have already happened. `No one can enter the Temple in heaven until the last Plague empties.' Rev.15:8. Seal 7's action is not a Flashback like my meeting with the Mighty Angel after Trump 6's Holocaust. Seal Seven climaxes 6 Trumpets and 6 Plagues. And Plague 7 empties before its catastrophes implode. God's Decree comes `out of the Temple from the Throne' before the Temple Drama begins. But that Decree climaxes the seven last Plagues! Rev.16:17. 
"Rev.6:12-17 immediately follows Rev.16:12-17. But the Cup of Wrath does not fill up with the 'wine of God's undiminished anger' until His time for wrath occurs in the 7th Trumpet. Rev.14: 10. Only then does the deadly 'wine of the Cup of anger and wrath' pour out on the cities of the nations. Rev.16:18-21. 
"As soon as the 7th Plague empties in  midair, the heavens roll up like a scroll before the Scroll unfolds in Seal 7. So, too, six of the seven Trumpet judgments I describe occur prior to the action of the Court and the prayers of all the Saints. But when the Angel of Fire signals his Verdict by casting fire off the altar toward earth, the 7th Trumpet sounds!
"As the Martyrs base their Petition on the proof of God's judgments having been holy and true in the last Plagues, and do so before they are described, so the armies of Trump 6 and Plague 6 gather to Armageddon before we see them indicted in the open Scroll. It's profoundly obvious. After the prayers of the Saints add to the evidence, the Angel of Fire renders the Verdict with coals from the Altar. The warnings of Seal 6 will cause earthmen to faint from fear and to cry out to the falling rocks to hide them from God's wrath. Luke 21:25,26; Rev.6:16.
"The wicked are incarcerated in God's Winepress of 'great anger' moments before the Son of Man takes the Harvest Firstfruit with Him on heaven's clouds to be presented to the Ancient of Days. Before multitudes praise God and the Lamb in the Temple. Moments before the Lamb breaks Seal 7. No wonder they provoke the elder's remarks. Dan.7:9,13; Rev.7:9,13.
"They first praise God and the Lamb in the `Temple of the Tabernacle of Testimony.' You and I will be the only witnesses raised from the dead to testify to all that happens. By the testimony of Two Witnesses, God's word will be verified. The 144,000 will be physically present also, but not as martyrs! They are special. Before God they are faultless and devout and precious.
"While we lie dead in a street of Jerusalem, the last Martyr arrives in heaven. The 144,000 will have assembled on Mt. Zion as quickly as they were taken into the desert to safety at the place prepared by God. Rev.12:6,14. All Believers arise on the same day, but much happens first. The wicked are reaped to the Winepress of God's great anger before the dead in Christ and surviving Believers rise up. Jesus requires this in the Parable of Tares and Wheat. He promised four times that all Believers rise up on the last day since this is His Father's will. Matt.13:30; John 6:38-40,44,54.
"We will arise less than three days after we are killed. The world reels in mad stupor at our sudden translation to heaven. They will have claimed we tormented them. Great glory will surround our bodies during that sunless day ... with the sun ceasing to shine and the stars falling in the dark sky. Heaven's powers are shaken. Earth's eyes are blinded spiritually. Like when Jesus said He would restore the temple in 3 days and its significance was lost. They did not understand He was talking about His own body. Nor that a Jewish idiom allowed 3 days to be fulfilled between His burial and resurrection ... rising from the dead in less than 40 hours."
"John, our days of death will likewise be cut short. Raising us up in less than 3 days will close the mouth of every skeptic about God raising the dead. His flaming power shows before His anger explodes. His mercy lasts until His wrath strikes. It is not a question of a second chance. 
"But there is no excuse for rejecting His mercy. We will join all the Martyrs to petition God that all nations come to worship Him. We arise bodily and meet in the Temple of the Tabernacle of Testimony as part of God's response to our song. The Trial and Verdict that follow our praise to God and the Lamb confirm the guilt of those waiting in the vats of anger's Winepress after God Decrees: `It is Done.' The Cup of Wrath pours out its deadly wine immediately after the 7th Trumpet proclaims `His wrath has come.'
"You and I will rise up in the hour the great quake destroys 7000 evil men in Jerusalem; the  elite corps that guards the Beast. Rev.11:13. That great quake should be the same one that initiates Seal 6. Our ascent to heaven and the Sign of Seal 6 are part of that Hour. The Lamb opens Seal 6 as the Last Plague empties and God's decree issues forth from the Temple. While four angels hold back the "four winds," and the 144,000 are sealed with the name of the Lamb, the Lamb goes to rescue them on Mt. Zion. "They follow Him wherever He goes ... until they stand before the throne of God ... having the seal of the Father and the Lamb." Rev.14:1-5.
"They accompany Him as He fulfills the role of the Son of Man waiting on a white cloud to reap the wicked to the Winepress at the only time God's great anger is mentioned. Jesus fulfills His own word to reap the Tares as the Son of Man. Matt.13:30,41; Rev.14:14-19. He takes the 144,000 on the clouds to heaven. Just before Seal 7 opens, they will be physically present in heaven for the first assembly ever witnessed by great numbers of saints and angels. They present the Son of Man before the Ancient of Days with the new song they have learned.
"This fits with knowing our bodily exit to heaven occurs `in the same hour' as the great quake. A great quake opens Seal 6 for The Sign of the Day of the Lord. By not knowing for certain if the great quake that strikes Jerusalem also initiates Seal 6, we cannot tell the exact timing for Seal 7. It alone, of all the seals, opens with the word `whenever' instead of `when.' The timing of the last Seal depends on the unknown Hour when the last Martyr dies so the Court drama may begin."
"John, that means the timing of Seal 7 occurs in direct relation to heaven's greatest assembly in history ... at the climax of the Ages. After the last Martyr arrives, God anticipates our Petition with the great quake or two great quakes in quick succession. Rev.6:12; Rev.11:13. The Son of Man arrives with the Firstfruit of the living Harvest. They present Him to the Ancient of Days and the multitudes praise God and the Lamb. The Trial of the Ages begins `whenever' the Lamb breaks Seal 7 because God's anger has been exhausted by the Seven Last Plagues. His anger is so 'great' it is on the verge of exploding.
"When you wrote these words, you were only present in spirit. We will be there physically when the Temple Drama begins. The praise of all the Martyrs causes the elder to burst out with: `Who are these and from whence did they come?' His amazement will be inspired also by the presence of 144,000 newly glorified bodies redeemed from earth.
"You have shown the Drama waits until the Son of Man reaps the wicked to the Winepress of God's great anger. While this happens, God will be sitting on His Throne over a crystal-like river flowing beneath the Throne which only then blazes with fire. Rev.4:6; Rev.15:2; Dan.7:9,10. The fire was not there when One was sought worthy to open the Seals. This symbolizes the change from God's anger to `great anger' before that anger combines with His wrath and the wrath of the Lamb. In Seal 6, men recognize the `Day of Wrath has come.' This precedes the Reaping to the Winepress. The `Hour of Wrath' on the Day of Wrath erases the wicked from earth. Rev.16:19-21; Rev.14:20; Rev.19:15-21.
"What a celebration for all the Saints and especially the Firstfruit standing in glorified bodies before God and the Lamb! What an honor for us to bodily behold the Lamb and the One seated on His Throne. What if Caiaphas came to faith before he died and is there to "behold the Son of Man sitting at the right hand of power ... and about to come in glory?" Matt.26:64. What a testimony such a marvelous site would be to the glory of God!
"Then the books open and the Scroll's contents are visibly seen. Dan.7:10; Rev.7:10; Rev.8:1-5. All the Martyrs will be there but not yet in resurrected bodies. Incriminating evidence will sweep before the Court's view while the Angel of Fire offers the prayers of all the Saints upon the Altar.
"For about a half hour in holy silence, the jury witnesses the evidence against those impounded by God's great anger. The Angel of Fire scoops coals off the Altar with his golden censor. He casts the coals toward earth. Is there any question that this is the time for God's Wrath?
"God's wrath is announced immediately by the angel who blows Trump 7. The storm theophany is repeated three times: `There were voices, peals of thunder, flashes of lighting and an earthquake.' It climaxes Seal 7 and Trump 7 and ignites the implosion of Plague 7. This happens and the wine flows from the bloody vats and the wicked drown in their own blood. Rev.14:20; Rev.19:15-21. All that you wrote about 6 Trumpets and 6 Plagues will have taken place before the Lamb opens Seal 7! Plague 7 will suspend in midair until the Cup of Wrath executes God's Decree: `It has occurred.'"
"Elijah, I was there in the spirit when I saw One sitting on the Throne with the Scroll in His right hand and sealed with seven seals. You were there when the Mighty Angel appealed: `Who is worthy to break the seals to open the Scroll?' I wept because no one seemed worthy. An elder proclaimed One was worthy, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the root of David. He is the Lion and the Lamb ... the offspring and the root of David." Rev.5:5; Rev.22:16.

"Yes, I saw the Lamb with seven horns and seven eyes, looking as if He had been slain. His eyes represent the seven spirits of God sent forth into all the earth. When He breaks the last Seal, the angels with the Seven Trumpets appear in the open Scroll. The evidence provided by six of them will be observed during the silence. The open Scroll displays the evidence. The Trial ends with the prayers of all the Saints poured out from the bowls provided by the 24 Elders. Incense mixes with the prayers of all the Saints burning on the Altar. Coals from off the Altar streak toward earth to symbolize God's wrath has come.

   Trump Seven Sounds after the Court's Judgment in Seal Seven.

"I repeat that seven angels prepare to blow their trumpets before the Court renders its Verdict. Six Trumpets blow before the Trial and the 7th blows at its conclusion. Trump 7 blows quickly after the Angel of Fire casts coals to earth. This trumpet and God's Decree are separated by no more than the storm theophany of voices, thunders, lightning and a great quake. In the open Scroll, I saw Trump 6 and its armies crossing the Euphrates in Plague 6. This Court presides after the Plagues empty and the Temple opens for Trump 7 to declare God's wrath has come and the Ark of the Covenant is seen. Seal 7 ends and Trump 7 sounds.
"You can see why my most provocative experience took place when I finished writing about the Holocaust in Trump 6. It flashed through my mind that I had already described the Tribunal before I wrote about the Six Trumpets and Six Plagues upon which that trial is based! It will flash through my mind again when we return to heaven. The wicked will stand trial in earth's amphitheater with the wicked exposed to God's judicial Court. The open Scroll presents the evidence of Six Trumpets ... even as our petition in the Song of Moses rests upon the evidence from the Plagues. They are greater than the Ten Plagues of Egypt.
"The Martyrs will have petitioned God on the basis of the Plagues having `exhausted His anger.' Rev.15:1; The New Jerusalem Bible. The Martyrs indict the wicked. After God uses the wicked to kill millions of their own kind, He incarcerates the rest in the Winepress for arraignment. These things occur in order according to Rev.16:17; Rev.6:12 to Rev.7:8; Rev.14:1 to Rev.15:5; Rev.7:9 to Rev.8:5; Rev.11:15-19; Rev.16:18-21."
"John, when the Lamb of God opens Seal 7 for Act Two, with the Scenes of what has happened on earth, will we be shocked into a frozen silence? The vision of the open Scroll is so paralyzing that silence prevails about a half hour. The Scroll displays the evidence needed to sentence and destroy the wicked under the Third Woe. That's when Trump Seven sounds.
"Warnings will have already occurred as in the armies gather to Armageddon in Plague 6. Four fierce winds are withheld long enough to seal 144,000 Firstfruit and to rescue them from Mt. Zion. Three angels send messages emblazoned across the sky as the wicked are reaped to the Winepress. The celestial wonders escalate in Seal 6, imploding the last Plague at the Court's decision. This was like virtual reality when I saw it all or, if this were theater, like two adjacent snapshots from a roll of film with earth's wicked players mirrored in the open Scroll. Only the Martyrs are no longer victims; but the sudden victors.
"The Petition and Praise are separate scenes. The Martyrs sing while standing on the fiery, crystal-like sea before the Temple opens. They sing to God alone. Earth is plunged into darkness. The Martyrs indict the wicked. Their song resonates with having overcome the Beast. The Lamb has rescued 144,000 Firstfruit and reaped the wicked. The Temple Drama waits until the Lamb reaps the wicked and returns with the Firstfruit. In time for the Praise in Act One. All the Saints praise God and the Lamb. This happens before the open Scroll exposes the vile deeds of the wicked. Seals 6 and 7 are God's response to the Petition and the Praise.
"When the Scroll unrolls, silence reigns as the evidence spreads out over the unfurled Scroll. In hushed procession the 24 elders leave their thrones. They circle the Altar and, one by one, surrender their bowls of incense-filled prayers to the Angel of Fire. The judicial proceeding concludes with the aroma of incense wafting to God's Throne and the Angel of Fire casting flames of fire that sear through the atmosphere toward earth.
"The scenes in the Scroll, with its six Trumpets, are synchronically arranged in somewhat parallel pictures with the Plagues. This is most noticeable as Trump 6 and Plague 6 reveal the same armies crossing the Euphrates River to invade Israel. The contest between God and Satan and their respective representatives ends with God's Prophets ascending to heaven with Trump 6 having just `passed by' and Trump 7 prepared to sound. The darkness and dread from the calamities of Seal 6 affect seven classes of humans hiding from the armies gathered to make war against the Lamb. It affects the armies. Efforts to kill more Saints are thwarted.
"Trump 6 is the Second Woe. The Third Woe comes quickly after the Two prophets arise. Rev.11:14. Very little time passes between the Holocaust of Rev.9:15-21 and the action in Trump 7. It sounds to proclaim the earth is about to experience God's wrath. Jesus said these days would be cut short lest no flesh be saved ... cut short before Trump 7; not after Trump 7. Mark 13:20,24 and Rev.10:7 requires Chronos-Time to end in the days of the 7th Trumpet.
"The Angel of Fire will not sound the death-knell in Seal 7's Judgment on the wicked until he, with two other angels, meets the Son of Man on the white cloud and directs the angel with the sharp sickle to collect and cast the wicked into the Winepress of great anger. Then he offers the prayers and incense of the Saints before God and the Lamb. The Judge imposes His sentence and authorizes the Son of Man, in Trump 7, to take His Kingdom and to judge the dead, reward the Saints and execute His Wrath on the wicked. No wonder the Third Woe comes quickly as you and I vanish from the presence of evil-doers.
"This shows the pattern of the Revelation of Jesus Christ. Three Flashbacks synchronize the climactic element in each of three passages in Revelation. The storm theophany climaxes each passage to reflect Time's end on the Day of the Temple Drama in which God's Decree, Seal 7  and Trump 7 reveal the awesome truth that 'His wrath has come.'
"With each theophany, it is evident the world stands on the threshold of God's Wrath. This is most apparent when Plague 6 shows the kings of the East, as well as the world, gathering their armies to Armageddon. Plague 7 empties in midair as soon as they are gathered. Elijah, can you see the wicked killing Believers in a frenzy of action while you and I lie dead? The great Holocaust has passed as we ascend to heaven. At that point the first storm theophany is near.
"The awful warnings of Seal 6 are set loose before we join the Martyrs in spirit to make our Petition before God. The great quake killing 7000 in the hour we rise up may be the same great quake that initiates these warnings from Almighty God! It is the Lastday."

                Seal Six and Seal Seven are Part of the Lastday.

"John, I sense our coming jubilation before God and the Lamb. You verbally interject as the elder speaks with wonder about the Great Multitudes that suddenly appear in heaven's Temple. You will actually speak only when the vision is fulfilled. After writing about Seal 6 and how the elder proclaims these tribulation Martyrs will serve God day and night in the Temple, how did you feel at the fearful reality of what was happening between Seals 6 and 7? You describe the fear of seven classes on earth as we praise God and the Lamb. What was the effect in your spirit at seeing the wicked reaped before the 144,000 Firstfruit presented the Lamb to God on the Throne?"
"Since Jesus said He will raise up every Believer on the last day, including us, this first Temple scene between Seals 6 and 7 guarantees that all Believers will rise up and be gathered to Jesus on the Lastday. The word for `raise up' applies to all Believers, alive or dead, on the Day of the Lord. Since the Firstfruit `follow the Lamb wherever He goes,' they must appear with Him and observe the Ark in the Temple. This is shortly before Jesus appears in the clouds to gather the rest of the Saints from earth and angels gather them from all three heavens and all four directions in the heavens.
"The prospect of seeing all of these visions being played back in the Court of heaven intrigues me. I will have seen much of these things three times in one way or another: in the spirit, when it happens, and in the open Scroll. The open Scroll mirrors our deaths before the last Martyrs are killed. Though I was in the spirit observing these things centuries before they happen, I will actually talk to the elder in my resurrected body before Seal 7's Tribunal convenes for the judgment against the wicked. It is awesome!
"At the Tribunal, we will confirm the open Scroll's evidence against the wicked. The Lamb breaks Seal 7 and we will stand in utter silence for about a half hour witnessing these armies having wantonly killed whole populations. We will watch the playback of 144,000 being sealed. We will observe the effects of four hurricane-force winds released by the four angels to prevent Beast Worshipers from killing any more Saints.
"Saints on earth, surviving to the End, know the Day of Lord includes both deliverance and destruction. With elation they wait for the Hour of deliverance. They are not appointed to wrath. Would God allow them to remain until Christ comes and fail to keep His promise to raise up every Believer on the last day? I remember, after He fed the multitudes, He uttered three times in rapid sequence: `This is the Father's will ... the Father's will ... the Father's will ... to raise up all whom He has given me on the Lastday'"!
"John, the calamities of Seal Six immobilize the wicked during their Trial. The world's armies are set to totally blot out Israel's existence. At the time you wrote, this was not evident. You probably did not understand that all the Martyrs must arrive in heaven before anyone enters the Temple of Tabernacle of Testimony. The last Plague leads into the Martyrs' Petition.
"How does the transference of all the Martyrs out of great tribulation from being under the Altar to standing before the Temple Throne affect you? Was it an important clue to the Structure of Revelation? From the textual order, it is not obvious that Seal 7 quickly follows our resurrection or that Trump 7 quickly follows Seal 7's Verdict."
"Well, the Angel and voice from heaven places the Flashback of our future task between Trump 6's Holocaust and Trump 7's Triumphs. Seals 6 and 7 intersect the Holocaust and Trump 7's Triumphs because Seal 6 is The Sign of the Lastday. Luke shows this Sign taking place after Gentile Times are finished. Matthew and Mark state that it occurs `in the days after or immediately after the great tribulation.' Luke 21:24; Mark 13:24; Matt.24:29.
"That Day will terminate Gentile control over the Temple. Before we came, they regulated the outer court's passage for worshipers to the Mosque as well as to our Temple. Though we have had the power to protect and feed the remnant in the desert, the Beast and False Prophet have asserted full authority over Jerusalem for nearly 1260 days. This reminds God's people that He chooses the Day of Deliverance and Destruction. The Evil Triumvirate are calling earth's armies to battle ... without realizing they accomplish God's will."
"John, I am impressed at how your four Flashbacks affect the Structure of Revelation. You say each of these Flashbacks climax with events that occur during the sun's total blackout. The wicked are reaped at Armageddon. The 144,000 celibates are taken to heaven out of Israel's tribes. The Temple Drama begins with all the Saints praising God and the Lamb. The Petition in Song and Praise before the Throne and the trial of the wicked take place in the Temple while the wicked are subject to darkness and four fierce winds stack up the seas and cause them to roar with deafening force against the surfs. All these events build up to an awesome case for pouring out the 'wine of God's Cup of anger-filled-wrath.'"

                         Determining the Crisis in Revelation.

"Elijah, our task ends in the days of Trump 7. We will be raised up from death on the Lastday. As of that day, the Holocaust has passed by and a great quake kills 7000 supporters of the Beast in a tenth part of Jerusalem. I believe the great quake sets off the warnings of Seal 6. It is The Sign of the Day of the Lord. Before we rise up, we join the Martyrs in God's presence.
"When the Temple of the Tabernacle of Testimony clears of the smoke of God's power and glory, we will enter to praise God and the Lamb by name. Rev15:8; Rev.7:9,10. Act One reveals these Martyrs will serve God in the Temple day and night. They attain the reward that I wrote about in the messages to the seven Asian Churches. Rev.7:9-17; Rev.3:12. The crisis comes on the Day of the Lord. Surely the final words about Martyrs reveals their centrality." Rev.20:4.



Using the aorist indicative of "telew" in Rev.15:8 and Rev.11:7 does not prove the Plagues are finished before Trump 7 sounds. The indicative does not give the time of action. But the Two Prophets ascend before it sounds. And because the word "finished" in Rev.15:1 appears in the passive voice, the act of pouring out God's wrath waits until the Temple Drama ends. The Plagues complete (finish) God's "anger" and the Two Prophets finish their task before anyone enters the Temple for the Drama. The aorist form of telew in the indicative mood (Rev.15:1; Rev.10:7) shows the Plagues "were finished and God's Mystery was finished" at the Great and Wonderful Sign of the Seven Angels with these Plagues. No one enters heaven's Temple until the Lastday.
The Plagues "exhaust God's anger" before the Martyrs make their final Petition (The New Jerusalem Bible; Rev.15:1). Yet the full blast of God's combined anger and wrath awaits Christ's descent from heaven. The Drama in Rev.7:9 to Rev.8:5 and Rev.11:15-19 must wait until the seven angels with the Last Plagues finish their task. (After that they are twice referred to as the angels with the seven last Plagues ... Rev.15:1; Rev.21:9). God pours out the Cup of anger-filled-Wrath when the Temple Drama ends. The Decree out of the Temple from the Throne saying: "It is Done" occurs before the Temple Drama! Rev.16:17. 
"God's Mystery is finished whenever Trump 7 sounds." Rev.10:7. The Plagues of anger, therefore, are future only with reference to the exit of the seven angels from the Temple to empty them. The present tense of what is "about to happen after Gentile Times are fulfilled" applies to the Last Plague. The Day of the Lord will have begun. Luke 21:24,36; Greek. The Seven Plague Angels exit the Temple to receive their bowls and empty their Plagues before the Martyrs sing their song. The Martyrs sing their Petition before anyone enters the Temple.
The Great and Wonderful Sign substantiates the fact that the last Plagues were finished and had vindicated God's holiness and His righteous judgments. The Sign of the Lastday precedes the Temple Drama from Rev.7:9 to 8:5 and from Rev.11:15-19. The voice out of the Temple, "It is Done," anticipates the Drama. Rev.16:17. 
Seal 7 places the Wicked on Trial during The Sign of the Lastday. Seal 7 opens for the Trial and anticipates the description of Six Trumpets by stating, in advance of the Trial, that the Angels were given seven Trumpets. The Six Trumpet judgments occur before the Temple Drama begins. Their actions are placed on view in Seal 7 before Trump 7 sounds.
Time ends and the Day of the Lord begins before Trump 7 sounds. Six of the Seven Trumpet judgments transpire before the Trial. The Seven Plagues empty before the Trial. None of the millions of soldiers that cross the Euphrates could gather for the Winepress at Armageddon if the sun and moon darken and stars fall prior to their gathering in Plague 6. The last Plague suspends in midair until it implodes to empty the Cup of Wrath. The Cup completes the impact of Seal 6's calamities, the Court's Verdict in Seal 7 and the sentence of Trump 7 to "destroy the destroyers of earth." Rev.11:18.
The nations of earth are filled with anxiety and perplexity at the sounds of sea and surf. Seal 6's four hurricane winds produce these effects. Men faint from fear and dread of all the things "about to happen" (present tense) on all the face of all the inhabited earth. The heavens separate and roll up like a scroll. Luke 21:25,26,36; Rev.6:14. Seven classes of humans, hiding in the mountains from invading armies, cry out for the falling rocks to hide them from God's wrath. Rev.6:15-17. As a snare, this hour comes to all on the face of the earth. Luke 21:35; Rev.3:10!
God fills the Cup of Wrath after the Temple Drama's Third Act. His great anger is the boiling point. `Whenever' Seal 7 opens, the Scroll displays the evidence against the wicked. Seal 7  begins with `whenever' to indicate the uncertain timing of the last Martyr and the trial of the wicked. God alone knows the Hour. That's why the Son of Man waits on a white cloud until three angels come from the Temple to reap and collect the wicked from the white cloud.
Consistently, the order is not laid out for us. Revelation requires the Two Prophets back in heaven four chapters before their task is even described. The dreadful description of Beast-Worshipers destined for Hell occurs five chapters before they drown in the vats of their own blood. The bloody aftermath of Christ treading the Winepress in anger and wrath occurs five chapters after they are reaped to show their blood will flow to the horses' bridles. Rev.14:20; Rev.19:15-21. Birds will feast at this "great supper of God."
Text-wise, Martyrs praise God before entering the Temple. Time-wise, the Plagues "complete God's anger" first. The Winepress fills up. God's great anger reaches a pinnacle during the Temple Drama. God's voice had decreed: "It has occurred; it is Done." Seal 6 warns; Seal 7  requires and Trump 7 declares His wrath has come. The judgment word is audible. God speaks a single word, "gegonen," for the first time in nearly 2,000 years.
Before the Trial takes place, the Martyrs will have celebrated victory over the Beast and prayed that all nations come to worship God. The Trial is described seven chapters before their Petition. God responds to their Petition with warnings of impending wrath and with a great quake killing 7000 in Jerusalem. They and the Two Prophets are seen in the Temple in white robes praising God and the Lamb after this great quake although the quake is described four chapters after the Temple drama begins. Rev.11:12,13; Rev.7:12,13.
Great Babylon is destroyed on the Lastday by history's greatest quake. Babylon's second fall (Rev.16:18) precedes that of her first fall in Rev.18! The order of events is dictated by internal factors; not by their written order.

TRUMP SEVEN is Time's Ultimate Turning Point!

That's why the Two Prophets rise up and return to heaven `whenever Trump Seven is about to sound.' The Angel said Time will End in the days it sounds. Since all Believers rise up on the Lastday, it will sound just before Heaven's Final Scene. For the Elect's sake, the ascent of the Two Prophets cuts short most of Daniel's last thirty days. While their bodies lie inert, more Saints proportionally might be killed than those killed while these Two oppose the Beast. But the gathering of armies to Armageddon may foster a false sense of victory for the Beast. And Trump Seven, the appointed "Time to destroy the destroyers of earth" comes quickly.

Ten Steps are Involved in what Happens on the Lastday

1. The Sun ceases to shine. Matt.24:29; Rev.6:12
2. The Moon turns to blood. Matt.24:29; Rev.6:12
3. The Stars begin to fall from heaven. Matt.24:29; Rev.6:13
4. Heaven's Powers are shaken; depart as a scroll. Matt.24:29; Rev.6:13
5. The Son of Man appears in the clouds of heaven. Matt.24:30; Rev.1:7
6. The Tribes of Earth Mourn. Matt.24:30. Rev.1:7
7. Great trumpet of God sounds; the Last Trump. Matt.24:31; I Cor.15:52
8. Christ gathers Elect from ends of earth to the ends of heaven. Mark 13:27
9. He sends angels to gather them from the ends of the heavens. Matt.24:31
10. Every eye sees Him coming with the Saints. Rev.1:7
Now we see why Trump Seven is Time's ultimate turning point. It states God's wrath has come. The Ark of the Covenant is seen at its close. The Mighty Angel told John what to expect as it is about to sound. Terrible things affect the Holy Land. The Two Prophets are dead and no longer in the very midst of the conflict. The "hour, day, month and year" of the Holocaust is obviously the crisis point. But those left speak blasphemies toward God and refuse to repent. 
Daniel wrote about the Son of Man's authority to take the Kingdom and give it to the Saints and the people of the Saints. Christ is crowned. God's wrath has come. The kingdoms of this world become the Kingdom of our God and His Christ. The appointed time has come to judge and reward Prophets and Saints ... and to destroy those who are destroying the earth. It all happens on the same Day!
1. The Times of the Gentiles are finished.  Luke 21:24.
2. The full number of saved Gentiles has come in.  Rom.11:25.
3. All Israel is saved as Messiah comes out of Zion.  Rom.11:25.
4. Israel's fullness in the New Covenant.  Rom.11:12,25,27; Heb.8:8-12.
5. Completes God's Mystery and the Times of Restitution of all things.  Rev.10:7; Acts 3:21.


It is OK to believe the Last Trump and Trump of God are the same; but it sounds twice ... once to "raise every/all believers" and again to "send the angels to gather them from the same four corners of the earth" where the angels will then take over and "gather us to the meeting place ... the "Synagogue in the Sky." Paul teaches this in 2 Thess.2:1. Only he and Jesus use "episunago" to describe the "gathering together above."
Paul also agrees with the "word of the Lord that, if we believe ... we will be caught up to meet Him in the air." I Thess.4:14 quotes the "word of the Lord" with reference to all believers as given by Him in John 6:38-40. If the Last Trump sounds but once, how can the "great trumpet" sound in Matt.24:31 after Christ appears and earth's tribes "mourn"?

1. The Sign of Seal Six appears first - Matt.24:29; Rev.6:12-14.
2. "Then the sign of the Son of Man appears" - Matt.24:30.
3. "Then the tribes of earth mourn seeing Him coming." Matt.24:30; Rev.1:7.

The tribes mourn before He "sends the angels with the second sound of the Last Trump. Jesus "sends the angels at the sound of the Great Trumpet" after He FIRST "gathers the Elect from the ends of earth to the ends of heaven." The first trumpet sound is not mentioned in Mark 13:27. Why not?
Because only Jesus knows who the Elect are and whom to "raise up and gather from all the ends of earth to all the ends of heaven"... at the sound of the Trump of God. This happens in the twinkling of an eye. More important, no one sees it happen and no one sees the Saints as they are gathered from around the globe to His presence. This "gathering together above" is hidden to the world.
Are you omitting Mark 13:27 from "the gathering" which must take place before the Son of Man appears? Paul's Last Trump in I Thess.4:16 precedes the "great trump" of Matt.24:31. The "raising up and gathering together above" apply in both verses. Pre-Tribbers correctly call His coming to the air a "secret mystery which none but Believers will see." This must happen before the Son of Man appears and the tribes of earth mourn. The world does not see the Saints coming with Him until after the second sound of the Last, Great Trump to "gather us to the meeting place above."
The Tribes "stand erect and look up" between the Sign of the Son of Man and the sight of all the Saints coming with Him. They mourn before the Elect appear and continue to mourn ... and beg! They "beg to escape all the things coming on all the inhabitants on all the face of all the earth." Luke 21:28,35,36.
These tribes see the Son of Man in the clouds before the second sound of the Last, Great Trump ... the Trump of God. It happens soon after the 7th Trump because only the rejoicing in heaven in Rev.19 intersects the crowning of Christ and His descent to gather the Elect. Trump 7 states the "appointed (kairos) time has come to reward the Saints"... but the Saints first prepare for the Wedding. Rev.19:7,8.
Jesus will have raised up every/all believers and "gathered us together above from the earth" in Mark 13:27. That means the Trump of God sounds on the Lastday when He raises up "all those who believe that Jesus died and rose." Pre-Tribbers deny that "all who believe" in I Thess.4:14 are the same as "all believers whom He raises up on the Lastday" in John 6:38-40.
John Reno of ABC Prophecy asked:
Where did you get that part about the Muslims expecting "their Messiah"? I never heard of it. What about references in the Koran?
First of all, God promised 12 Tribes for Ishmael. Gen.17:20. Muhammad became their leader. He accepted the One God of Abraham and Jesus as His prophet ... but not as the Son of God. They look for the coming of their Messiah (Mehta, one led by Allah) and tradition holds it will be Muhammad who "ascended to heaven" from the Temple Mount and the Dome of the Rock. The Koran states a belief in the resurrection of Jesus and the last judgment. In the section of Sura they speak of the Al-Mahshar (the gathering at the twinkling of an eye ... 16:79). One of Muhammad's teachers was a Christian who obviously realized the Last Trump sounds twice! 
Muslims believe the dead will be gathered at the "first sound" of the trumpet when all but God's people will "swoon." At the "second sound," those who swoon will "stand and look up." There will be a great earthquake...78:18. Jesus Christ, the Koran agrees, will descend at that "Hour." Sura 43:61. Abraham, Moses, Jesus and also Muhammad will be judges at the last judgment.
So naturally, when the Son of Man appears, millions of Muslims will "mourn" and enter into the Kingdom of the Jews with the true Messiah. They already pray five times daily. I see them "bowing and confessing that Jesus is Lord to the glory of God" beginning at the moment He appears. They will "mourn at seeing Him and those who pierced Him coming with Him" when the Last, Great Trump sounds the second time. That is my personal translation and application of Rev.1:7; Mark 13:24-27 and Matt.24:29-31. 
Check this out in the Judaica Encyclopedia under Islam, Eschatology and Muhammad. 
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